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corporate social responsibility, CSR, internal communication

Awakening the `feel good’ factor (PwC)


Asked to introduce a coordinated corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme for the Midlands region of PwC, Richard began with a systematic review of what was happening in the Midlands, drawing upon his experience of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Social Contribution Committee to do so.


His objective was to ensure careful alignment with national policy and oversee the introduction of some well-focused local projects. Utilising, newly established internal communication mechanisms to raise the profile of those already involved with key initiatives and bring attention to what was possible, a number of core activities were quickly adopted en masse and geared towards achieving several key objectives. These objectives included external image enhancement, a greater sense of team spirit, a growing 'feel good’ factor among staff and the development of some important 'soft’ skills.


The result was the successful enlisting of more than 400 volunteers’ equivalent to one in five people offering their support. This led to other regions adopting the “Midlands model” and a number of external awards for participants.

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