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Business Development & Marketing Consultancy

How we work


At Galvanise, we work hard to understand our clients’ businesses and focus closely on their growth plans or aspirations. We then turn our attention on what has and is being done from a marketing and business development perspective. Our aim is to build on agreed strengths while tackling pragmatically, relative weaknesses in a positive manner.


Experience tells us that challenging circumstances arise for a whole host of reasons as businesses can be pulled in various directions through no fault of their own. What is important is not dwelling on the past but rather moving forward positively, developing clear strategies and then plans that will deliver the desired results.


Where necessary, we roll our sleeves up to make things happen at the tactical implementation level – we believe it is about getting things done when resources are scarce and time is short. Sometimes, it is about providing that extra little push to get over the line.


Galvanise believes transparency is a key component for organisational success. In practice, this means bringing everyone up to speed with what is happening and why, and not just the Executive Committee and, or, the Marketing team. Organisations always do much better when they have the buy in of everyone and that includes the operations teams as well as client or customer focused people.


For more information on internal communications see here.


At Galvanise, we help our clients strive for continuous improvement firmly based on the implementation of sustainable programmes from the outset. A key part of this is the sensible monitoring of any return on investment (ROI) using appropriate measures.

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