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Business Development & Marketing Consultancy

What we do


Effective business development requires careful planning, ruthless prioritisation and plenty of proactivity. Add to the mix a clear brand identity and a large chunk of passion and you have all the right ingredients for sustainable, profitable growth.


Galvanise works with professional services firms, business to business organisations and businesses serving customers direct throughout the UK,  providing advice and support not only in the area of business development (sales) but also in marketing, public relations and brand building. Why all four? Because experience points to the need for all four components to be integrated in order to maximise the likelihood of increased revenues generated from existing clients or customers, new ones or a combination of both.  


However, any business development activity ought to begin with a clear strategy in mind with plans and tactics drawn up and implemented in support of that strategy. Where necessary, marketing audits and SWOT analysis should be undertaken to either help develop strategy or confirm that the right one exists, building on it as necessary.


Depending on circumstances, Galvanise can provide:


The Business Development / Marketing Director who will guide the marketing team, directors or key partners in their future business development and / or marketing plans. Initially, this is likely to include an efficient assessment i.e. marketing reviews, SWOT analysis, etc. along with one to one mentoring, group coaching and some hands-on support where necessary, for example, the implementation of tactics.


The hands-on Marketing & Business Development Manager whose role involves looking after existing resources in order to help maximize their effectiveness.


Lead Generation Consultant, guiding those involved through the steps and processes that help identify opportunities for those assigned to supporting the business development effort.


Public Relations Consultant, who will develop and implement a plan to raise your profile with your preferred public, typically customers or clients though not necessarily confined to this.


Within each of the four roles, a degree of training, mentoring and one to one engagement is likely in order to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the processes involved in winning new work and what it takes to make this happen.


For a further explanation or discussion, please fill in the simple contact form here.

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