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Business Development, Marketing, Lead Generation

Lead Generation Consultancy


Our lead generation consultancy offering is geared to doing just that, help generate leads. Importantly though, it is about finding the right leads rather than investing time and effort in ones that will be less than fruitful. It is very easy to respond to apparent opportunities that fall into our lap however, the skill is to assess which ones really have potential and place most emphasis on them while proactively seeking targets ourselves where there is a strong possibility of profitable and fulfilling work. Key areas addressed within this offering include: -


  • Creating sales pipelines

  • Establishing who your “ideal client” is

  • Qualifying the sales pipeline

  • Identifying the opportunity (way in)

  • Effective use of CRM systems

  • Driving the opportunity

  • Setting the agenda

  • Staying engaged

  • Maximising networking opportunities

  • Asking for work


For a fuller explanation or discussion on your lead generation leads, please fill in the contact form.

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