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Building a marketing function (Withers & Rogers)


Hired to build a marketing function from scratch, Richard Ayres began by conducting a systematic and efficient marketing audit and SWOT analysis, ensuring that he and the assigned Marketing Committee quickly had a clear understanding of both the firm’s strengths and areas where significant progress needed to be made. From the outset, he had a strong vision for what was needed going forward with his and the firm’s collective efforts directed specifically towards two key areas, namely the targeting of new business and the raising of the firm’s profile.


These clearly identified goals were effectively supported by the introduction of a number of key work streams which were all geared towards brand building and sales pipeline creation. In doing so, he provided strategic direction, guidance and hands on support across practice groups and offices in order to create and shape marketing and business development plans both in the UK and overseas.


He brought focus and `know how’ to the process of developing and analysing potential sales pipelines, providing training and mentoring to enhance the likelihood of successful conversion. He was also instrumental in driving client relationship building programmes, using various tried and tested methodologies to ensure the firm delivered effective solutions to the problems facing customers.


During his six year tenure, Withers & Rogers experienced sales growth of more than 70%.

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