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Breaking the silo mentality (PwC)


No longer achieving the profitability and growth levels of former times, the Midlands leadership team of the UK’s (and world’s) largest professional services firm realised that a change in culture, attitude and behaviour was required in order to put the business back on track. Bringing significant expertise with him from Toyota Motor Corporation, Richard Ayres was invited to handle both the marketing and corporate communications function for five offices including two in Birmingham, two in the East Midlands and also Milton Keynes.


As well as helping partners develop a robust business development methodology and marketing plans, he was instrumental in breaking the “silo mentality” that existed between the tax, assurance and advisory practices. By ensuring that a shared vision existed among the two thousand plus workforce, it meant that the synergistic benefits of working together were realised.


Following a detailed and thorough assessment of the Midlands market place using both quantitative and qualitative data, Richard successfully recommended and then facilitated the adoption of a sector led approach to business development, ensuring the full range of marketing tools were employed to maximum effect.


In order to galvanise both client facing and support staff behind a common goal, Richard created an internal communications programme so that everyone understood, aligned behind and supported a clear strategy, plans and tactics for growth. See here for more more detail.


The result was significant growth with turnover rising from just over £100M to in excess of £160M during Richard's time there (six years).

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