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Upskilling teams


For those running marketing and sales teams, the following challenges are not untypical: -


  • Meeting the Board's high expectations of the marketing and business development team and its ability to deliver against organisational (commercial) goals.


  • Pressure to develop team members and provide personal development in order to improve their effectiveness when delivering against those wider goals.


  • Difficulty in freeing up sufficient time to upskill valuable team members.


  • Staff retention and the avoidance of potential disruption to ongoing departmental plans.


How I can help?


I can provide bespoke, short term, fixed period training and mentoring packages (potentially 6 to 8 weeks but adaptable) for individuals or indeed several team members to help boost technical knowledge and build confidence when trying to deliver specific, time critical projects.  This can be achieved through weekly one to one sessions that focus on goal objectives, “best practice”  steps, addressing pressing  questions and matters as they arise talking through ideas and fleshing out plans.


Where deemed appropriate by the line manager, these sessions will be geared towards the creation and effective delivery of specific plan(s) of action. Example projects might include:


  • Development of a sales pipeline (key steps, considerations and stages).


  • Formulation of sector, territory or technology specific marketing plans. 


  • The establishment and running of client and prospect contact programme using the organisation’s CRM system.


  • Leveraging of intermediary relationships through systemised reciprocity.


  • Creation or evolution of either key account or priority client and prospect programmes.


  • Introduction and formalisation of tender and pitch "best practice" to maximise opportunities, speed up processes and improve efficiency and effectiveness with improved conversion rates in mind.


  • Introduction or enhancement of a PR programme to support the organisation’s business development priorities.


  • Individual or team sales (business development) training focusing on the processes and required actions at every stage. 


For an indication of timings, a more detailed explanation of what might be achieved, how we would do this and specific costs involved, please request a "no obligation", exploratory meeting.

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