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Internal communications:  “winning hearts and minds”


In developing a marketing and business development strategy, some organisations fail to achieve the buy in and support that they need from a very important set of stakeholders - their employees. Neglecting to communicate a well thought out strategy, plans and tactics can seriously limit the chances of optimising success.


For plans to be put into effect, organisations not only need the acceptance and support of the sales teams i.e. the customer focused people, but also those behind the scenes that assist whether the IT department who help create an effective CRM mechanism and customer gateways, the accounts department who provide flexible ways of invoicing clients to suit their needs, HR who recruit the people who will hopefully be well suited to supporting the business development strategy and, secretaries and other support staff who do all they can to free up the time for client facing personnel to do just that – engage with clients or customers!


Potentially, every person within an organisation has an ambassadorial role to play whether formal or informal. Positivity surrounding a business and all that it stands for can be perpetuated by everyone as everyone has their own personal networks they encounter daily. Conversely, a dis-connect between the employee and the organisation and what the latter is trying to achieve can breed negativity and prove counterproductive.


Successful organisations take positive steps to ensure everyone has a shared vision and an understanding of the steps that are needed to turn that vision into a reality. Armed with a common knowledge and goal, people are more likely to do all they can to support it.


At Galvanise we have a track record of running and delivering successful internal communications programmes, “winning the hearts and minds” of a key set of stakeholders in the process – the workforce! This may be something we can help you with. 


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